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Work and Study in Kainuu

Plane at Kajaani Airport

Come to Kainuu!

They say Finland is one of best places in the world to live and work. The Finnish labour market and Finland’s workplaces operate on a foundation of equality and fairness. The Finnish educational system offers equal opportunities of education for all, irrespective of matters of residency, sex, economic situation or linguistic and cultural background. Of course, we in Kainuu do believe our region is at least as good as all the other regions in Finland.

According to an old saying, the Kainuu region lives by its forests. This is still true but new livelihoods and fields of business have been developing in Kainuu in the recent years, employing more and more people and forming a bigger part of the local economy.  The goal of the regional strategy is to enforce the competitiveness of the region and create international growth.

Kainuu offers many opportunities for  study and training both in upper secondary vocational education as well as in high-level postgraduate studies. A variety of educational institutions and schools in Kainuu provide the skilled workforce to meet the needs of the region’s businesses and to serve trade and industry.

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