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Winter Wonders 18 Market Place

On this page we introduce the market place and the goods that were available at Winter Wonders 18 Finland #kainuu event gathered from Kainuu and Finland by Kalevala Spirit Ltd.

Finnish Christmas Market Area

The Finnish Christmas market section brought a bit of the mythical folklore in Finland to modern surroundings. Impressive bear figures, carved with chain saw, guarded the Finnish Christmas village designed with Kainuu twist. The area was beautifully surrounded by spruce trees, unfolding in front of the steps of Brussels Stock Exchange. Finnish design products and delicacies were for sale in the chalets. Between shopping, you could warm up by an open fire or enjoy smoked salmon and special mulled wine in a giant Lapland tent. The real Finnish Santa represented Finland all the way until Epiphany.

Best view in the Finnish Christmas market was from the third floor of the “House of Silence”, constructed of timber grown in forests of Kainuu. The house, planned by architect Marco Casagrande, is a fine example of innovative wood construction in Finland. This TIKKU house, a micro-apartment building with a foot-print of one car parking place 2,5 x 5 meters,  assembled out of CLT cross-laminated timber spatial modules made in Kainuu, functioned as the information point. In the second floor of the house, you could stop in the moment and listen to the silence and the natural sounds of Finnish forest. Using VR glasses, you could observe the change of four distinctive seasons in the national parks of Northern Finland. At street level, the hosts told about Finland and Kainuu; the nature, culture, lifestyle as well as the tourism opportunities we have to offer. 

As sipping your mulled wine, one could follow the great spectacle of nature on the big screens of the Finnish Christmas market or watch cultural performances taking place on the stage. 

At the chalets of Kainuu section at Winter Wonders Christmas Market the guests had the chance to purchase many authentic products from Kainuu and Finland. At a grand, tipi-like hut of Kalevala Spirit you were able to enjoy a hot drink and warm up.  

Food and Drinks - Taste the Wild!

To Tame Your Appetite

Finnish Smoked salmon (from various producers) was cooked more than two hours on a real fire in the traditional Finnish way that gives the salmon a delightful and unique taste. Smoked perch or vendace by Pielisen Kalajaloste in Nothern Karelia and elk sausages produced by Karelian Lihajaloste Oy in Northern Karelia region were also available.

Mulled wine

Our delicious warm wine, "Glögi" in Finnish,was made of sunny berries and spices in the Valamo Monastery, giving it a fresh breeze from landscapes of Finnish national epos Kalevala. Valamon Viinihermanni Oy is located in Southern Savonia region.

Tar Bread by Pekka Heikkinen Bakery

Rye bread is a Finnish specialty and we have some really excellent bakeries in Kainuu selling rye bread. One of those is Pekka Heikkinen & kumpp. in Kajaani. One of their products is a special bread with tar flavor, bringing up the history of tar production Kainuu in a delicious and exotic way. 

For Your Sweet Tooth

Finnish honey and cloudberry jam produced by Art Catering Oy in the region of Central Finland were a natural help for the sweet tooth. 

Other Products from Finland

Pokka Reindeer Hides from Lapland region and traditional knives by Manun Paja in Kainuu were more traditional products from Finland, just like the traditional wooden cup called Kuksa, manufactured by Lappituote.

Earrings by two different companies were on sale in Brussels. Rockers Workshop is a family company from Kainuu region, handcrafting jewellery products from first scratch of pencil to a final product. The main material is dark stone, discovered and mined in Kainuu.  Vuonue ja viipsinpuu in Southwest Finland make handmade feather jewellery using surplus feathers from their landrace chicken farm, as well as yarn and accessories using their  own sheep’s wool.  

Various kinds of smaller handcrafts were also available, for example decorative hearts made of sheep wool, suitable for example for business gifts with a special, warm and cosy feeling. The workshop of Silas Tonttukylä, located deep in the nature of Kainuu, provided us with products like Christmas elves and other figures. Wooden, flat packed 3D crafts like cards and Moomin figures created by Lovi Oy in Northern Ostrobothnia, represented a more modern point of view.

With linen textiles by Lapuan kankurit in in the region of South Ostrobothnia, candles by Kynttilätalo Blomster ja Herukka Ay in Northern Ostrobothnia and Sauna scents by Saunaset Oy  in Kainuu bought from our chalets one could tune their home into Christmas spirit.