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Visit Kainuu

  • Hossa National Park by Hannu Huttu

Kainuu is full of experiences  throughout the year

The Kainuu region is rich in nature, and offers  the most versatile possibilities for outdoor activities  in different forms. We have an enchanting entity of green coniferous taiga forests, esker valleys formed in the ice age and clear waters – the last wilderness areas in Europe. The four seasons each offer  different  benefits  - Kainuu is the place to go, all year round!

In addition to its naturally beautiful sceneries, the forests of eastern Kainuu are filled with mammals, especially large carnivores which are either very rare or extinct elsewhere in Europe, but can be observed safely with a guide.

Kainuu also offers a variety of activities  to choose from, modern services and top expertise in various fields. Our history is  a characteristic one , reinforced with  local traditions  close to the nature. People were hunting and fishing in Kainuu already thousands of years ago.

Kainuu region is small but has a diverse culture: theatre, poetry week, chamber music festival, folk music festival, dance events, concerts etc. - just name it! There are events in  Kainuu region for everyone's taste, combining courage to do things in a new way but with respect for tradition. Come and enjoy!