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Services for the Elderly

Services for Elderly

At Kainuun sote, the starting point for the provision of services for the elderly is supporting the customers’ own physical and mental resources and activating them, respecting their right to self-determination, and enhancing the participation of customers and their next of kin, if necessary. Key values also include fairness, equality and safety.

The treatment and care of each customer is based on an individual care, service and exercise plan made with the customer and their next of kin. In Kainuu, the seamless collaboration between social and health care services also enhances multi-professional co-operation in the care of the elderly.

From the employees’ perspective, work with the elderly is demanding but rewarding, because they usually obtain feedback on their work immediately. Caring for old people suffering from memory disorders in particular requires professional skills, flexibility and creativity, and, first and foremost, information on how the illness affects the person’s physical, psychological and social ability to function.

Services Supporting Living at Home

Home care of the elderly is changing and developing rapidly. Currently, some of the tasks are performed at the customer’s home using mobile devices. Home care requires wide-ranging professional skills, so home care operates in multi-professional work teams that may include practical nurses, home aid, physiotherapists, social counsellors, public health nurses and nurses. Therefore, home care, or work performed at the customer’s home, is versatile, independent and rewarding.

24-hour Nursing Services

Kainuun sote has its own nursing homes and wards where nursing services are provided 24/7. Living in a nursing home is comparable to living at home. This means that customers pay a rent for the apartment and furnish their rooms with their own furniture and possessions. The customers pay for any support services they need – such as food, cleaning and clothes maintenance – according to a separate agreement.

Service Guidance and Outsourced Services

Counselling and guidance of elderly customers constitutes an entity of its own. Each municipality has its own service counsellor. Kainuun sote also buys quite a lot of services from private service providers, so, in addition to providing service guidance to customers, the services for the elderly also provides guidance and counselling to private service providers and monitors them.