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Travel Areas

  • Vuokatti
  • Ukkohalla, Wakeboard
  • Kajaani, Samu Puuronen
  • Wild Taiga, George Turner
  • Oulujärvi

Notable travel areas in Kainuu are Kajaani with its rich cultural life, and the outdoor and sports activity areas of Vuokatti and Paljakka-Ukkohalla.

Lake Oulujärvi offers many possibilities for boating and sailing. On the shores of Oulujärvi you can find various types of accommodation with amazing views to the lake. The Manamansalo region in Oulujärvi has a five-star camping site, a recreational fishing area and a hiking area. One of Kainuu’s three golf courses is located in Paltamo, on the shore of Oulujärvi.

Wild Taiga with its nature, culture and wild animals is an excellent travel destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The Wild Taiga areas of Kainuu are Suomussalmi and Kuhmo. Various entrepreneurs in the area offer unique experiences in the wild, for example bear watching and photography trips.