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Glögikoju Stuttgartissa
4.9.2018 - 9:06
Winter Wonders Christmas Market is one of the biggest Christmas market events in Europe, annually attracting around 2.5 million visitors! This year the celebrated country is Finland, piloted by the Northern region of Kainuu, in cooperation with regional and national organisations. The event will take place from 30 November 2018 till 6 January 2019.
Brysselin vierailulla
17.5.2018 - 13:58
We have earlier published the participation of Kainuu region in Winter Wonders 2018 event in Brussels. During the spring a lot has happened. A marketing planner has started, Kainuu delegation has visited Brussels and had some really fruitful negotiations. Next week an informational event for tourism actors will be arranged and also the visit of a delegation from Brussels will take place in May.
Europe Direct Kainuu logo
13.4.2018 - 13:08
Peace and unity in Europe are celebrated each May. Several actors are involved in arranging Europe Day events on 9th May 2018 in Kajaani. At first, there is an interesting seminar (in English) at cultural cooperative Generaattori, followed by a Cityquest in the afternoon, during which you'll learn about Europe in Kajaani and participate a lottery and ending the tour with food and music.