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21.8.2020 - 12:46
The e-MOPOLI Regional stakeholder group meeting on 18th August updated the regional action plan related to alternative mobility and planned activities for the autumn period. The next goal is to embed the e-MOPOLI Kainuu action plan more deeply into regional, national, and EU policy priorities and discuss funding opportunities.
Viena - Epic Kalevala Adventure
14.8.2020 - 9:48
Spot-lit project granted product development funding for seven applicants in Kainuu through a call for ideas in spring 2020. Those development processes are carried out according individual contracts, the last ones to be finalised in summer 2021. The first product, though, is now ready, as Vienan Portti Ltd published their mobile game "Viena - Epic Kalevala Adventure".
Katinkulta latauspisteet
23.3.2020 - 16:42
The Regional Council of Kainuu ordered a feasibility study focusing on the development of alternative mobility in Kainuu. The purpose was to reach insights and make recommendations about optimal options promoting the utilisation of electrical and in general alternative mobility. The work took place between November 2019 and March 2020.
Heidi Pyykkönen ja Pentti Malinen
2.1.2020 - 11:35
Kainuu region is investing in domestic and international tourism marketing with its new brand - Arctic Lakeland Kainuu, Finland. Kainuu destinations are launching their new brand at Kainuu Arctic Lakeland booth at MATKA Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki this week. Sotkamo of Kainuu also received an important award at the fair, being the Tourist Area of the year in Finland.
Spot-lit kirjallisuusmatkailua edistämässä
11.11.2019 - 9:23
Are you an entrepreneur, culture lover, representative of a municipal organisation or of an association? Join the Spot-lit workshops to create new products for cultural tourism in Kainuu! We especially welcome organisations offering cultural or tourism services. Later on the participants will be able to apply for innovation vouchers up to 10 000€ to continue their work.
The Old Bank Bookshop
25.9.2019 - 15:37
Major new three-year literary tourism pilot programme set to launch across four Northern European countries this autumn. In Kainuu, the Regional Council of Kainuu and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences participate in the project, cooperating with regional organisations related to literature.