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The Great Outdoors

In Kainuu, we have space for living and doing. Rolling hills surrounding residential areas have a variety of tracks and wonderful scenery with marshlands and lakes. Skiing and snowmobile routes, land rich with berries, spots for canoeing and areas for cross-country cycling are often practically right at your front door. Come and enjoy the great outdoors of Kainuu!
Vuokatin kuvapankki
Picture: Vuokatti Picture Bank

Metsähallitus offers diverse settings for outdoor activities in state lands across Finland. Whether you’re interested in hiking, cycling, canoeing or cross-country skiing, you are guaranteed to find suitable grounds and water areas in national parks, hiking areas or managed forests.

Metsähallitus has an excellent online service where you can search for Metsähallitus hunting and fishing areas, as well as hiking-related destinations and services. And this is not all - the service now displays also the municipal excursion services!

Of the 7 official, national hiking areas intended for various hiking and other recreational use,  Oulujärvi and Hossa are located in Kainuu.

Finland’s national parks are extensive, varied nature conservation areas, but they are also popular nature sites open to the public. The primary purpose of national parks is to safeguard the natural biodiversity of the areas. There are 39 national parks, from which Tiilikkajärvi and Hiidenportti are located in Kainuu and Hossa is to become the third national park in Kainuu in 2017.

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