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Supervision of Interests

Supervision of interests - Cooperation and companionship for the benefit of our Region

According to the regional council's charter of foundation (between the municipalities of the region) one of the tasks of the regional council is to supervise the interests of the Kainuu region in the national and international (EU) politics.  The actions related are based on the challenges and focus points defined in the regional programme and the regional council develops cooperation and partnerships with organisations located in the Kainuu region, as well as outside the region, to achieve its goals.

The main themes for supervision of interests are collected together into the Project List for Supervision of Interests in cooperation with the regional authorities, municipalities and other parties involved in regional development activities. The list is revised annually and accepted by the board of the regional council. 

The activities related to supervision of interests are supported by the communications and marketing of the organisation.  The main role of regional marketing activities in this context is to raise the public awareness concerning the Kainuu region and to create a positive image for the region on a national and international level.

Regionally, the Regional Council functions in close cooperation with the municipal and regional officials and politicians, as well as the Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority. The current matters are discussed, prepared and aligned together.

Please contact us for further information:

Mr. Pentti Malinen, Regional Mayor
Mr. Jouni Ponnikas, Regional Development Director