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Summer in Kainuu


Akkovaara, Virpi Kvick

Disc Golf

Have you already tried disc golf? There are excellent possibilities for that around Kainuu, especially at summertime. Learn more about the courses.


Paltamo golf

Metelinniemi golf course is surrounded by an astonishing landscape. It's built between majestic cliffs, beautiful woods and an idyllic lake, all of which have shaped the course. The practice lanes are built in a way which makes training possible from early spring onwards. The course features a range for practising drives and separate greens for pitches and putting.

Katinkulta Golf, Vuokatti

Katinkulta resort in Sotkamo has three courses that are sure to please players of all skill levels and the well-equipped range gives you a chance to practice on grass whenever you want. In Katinkulta the season opens in April-May. Midnight sun allows to stay up on the course till early morning.  The last game of the season is usually played in October.

Kajaanin Golf

You may play golf also at Kajaanin Golf, in the proximity of the city centre.


There are excellent prerequisites for hiking and camping in Kainuu. The State-owned forests and waters offer good opportunities for recreation and a wide range of activities. The so-called “Everyman’s rights” in Finland are extensive. Whether you’re interested in hiking, cycling, canoeing or cross-country skiing, you are guaranteed to find suitable grounds and water areas in national parks, hiking areas or managed forests.

Learn more about hiking in Kainuu
Interested in hiking in Russian Karelia?

Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing in Finland is subject to licence. Hunting requires a firearm certificate, payment of an annual game management fee (i.e. hunting card) and a hunting permit by the landowner, for instance Metsähallitus, that is in charge of hunting and fishing rights and management of game lands and fishing waters in an area totalling nearly 9 million hectares of land areas and 4 million hectares of water areas. With certain exceptions, fishing requires payment of a fishing management fee and permission given by the owner of the water area. For further information, please visit Erä or

The lakes and rivers of Kainuu region offer all the different types of Finnish fishing waters at once. The fishing sites at different fishing locations with maps and basic information, including where to buy the fishing permits around the whole region, are introduced at the website Kalalla Kainuussa. Many of the tourism centres also offer fishing related services.


Wakeboarding at Ukkohalla, Hyrynsalmi

Come and experience something completely new as a summer activity – Finland’s first and the world’s northernmost Cable Wakeboard Centre in Ukkohalla! Whether your group is a big or small hen or stag party group, corporate team, sports club or you come alone, with your partner or your children, you’ll enjoy an hour (if not two!) on the Cable Wakeboard track. Welcome to spend fun summer moments at Ukkohalla!

Wakepark Vuokatti, Sotkamo

You will find a water sports centre in the middle of Vuokatti, offering Wakestation cable pull activities, as well as other activities, such as SUP boarding, canoeing, diving or skateboarding on a floating “skatesaunaraft”.

Wildlife Safaris

The professionals offering wildlife watching services in Kainuu also offer other tourism related services. Come and enjoy the Kainuu nature!

Arola farm and wilderness holidays in Suomussalmi is a former dairy farm, which has been developed into an agro-tourism destination.  The place is close to the Russian border, at the edge of Martinselkonen conservation area.

Martinselkosen Eräkeskus wildlife centre is a family-owned company in Suomussalmi, right by Martinselkonen nature preserve and Finland's eastern border.

Wildlife Safaris Finland Oy limited company based in Kuhmo was founded by award-winning Finnish nature and wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen, pioneer in European wildlife tourism.


Adventurous Climbing in Vuokatti

Eight different climbing lanes in Vuokatti Adventure Park offer a challenge for the whole family – bring your family and friends!

Huskies in Summer, Vuokatti Safaris

Have fun at Vuokatti Safaris, standing on the husky scooter with two huskies in front of you. Enjoy the unique nature of the Kainuu region.

RIB Boat Safaris at Vuokatti Safaris

Feel the power of water in one of reliable RIB-boats that can speed up to 100 km/h with 550 horse powers, when taking you through the lake at Vuokatti Safaris.

Lake trips, Kajaani

S/S Kouta cruises take you on Lake Oulujärvi where you will see sceneries that inspired the national writer Elias Lönnrot and national poet Eino Leino. You also have the opportunity to explore the idyllic village of Paltaniemi.

Lake trips, Suomussalmi

From Suomussalmi centre to Lake Kiantajärvi and to Turjanlinna (the home of author Ilmari Kianto). M/S Kianta, 80 passengers, café.