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Shopping & Local Specialities

Kainuu has a variety of small businesses operating inside the Kainuu area and some success stories, such as R-Collection clothing, available also nationwide in Finland. On this page you will find tips for shopping in Kainuu, including local handicrafts and clothing, bread, pastries and other delicacies.



The bakery Pekka Heikkinen & Kumpp. , located in the centre of Kajaani, has been operating for over 100 years. They are best known for their delicious rye bread baked in a wood-heated oven – voted to be the best bread of its kind in Finland.

Huuskola Ice Cream is produced locally in the Huuskola Farm in Vuokatti. The traditional and delicious hand-made dairy products can be purchased in shops in the Kainuu area or directly from the farm.

Vuokatin Viini produces wine, cider, juices, jam and other products from local apples and berries.  Their wine shop is located in Vuokatinhovi.

Kaesan kotileipomo in Kuhmo is specialized in the making of traditional rönttönen pastries – this delicacy from Kainuu also has EU food name protection. Kaesa’s rönttönen and their various other Finnish bakery products are handmade in Kuhmo.

Clothing and handicrafts

Kainuun Pirtti is the place for traditional Kainuu handicrafts and souvenirs, for example the Kainuu pattern woollen socks.  In addition to the store, Kainuun Pirtti organizes courses on traditional handicrafts.

R-Collection, with its classic anorak jackets and hoodies, is well-known nationwide in Finland. The business was first set up in Kajaani in 1978 and has a factory outlet in Kajaani, as well as shops in Helsinki, Oulu, Joensuu and Rovaniemi.

Saastamoisen kenkäkauppa is a legendary shoe shop in Sotkamo, known for great service and a broad selection of products. When visiting the shop, you will shortly notice you’re in need of a new pair of shoes, and maybe also a handbag and some gloves…