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Family Services in Kainuu

Perhe/ Family, Samu Puuronen

Family Centres Providing Support for Families With Children

In Finland, universal services promote the well-being of all children and families. The task of Kainuu social and health care services for families is to promote the welfare of children, young people and families with children, people with disabilities and marginalized individuals and to support independent living of the population. Family centres are a modern way of supporting smooth running of everyday life in families with children. In Kainuu, they constitute a central part of the social and health care service entity, with every municipality having its own family centre.

All local services for children, young people and families with children, with the exception of day care, have been gathered together in the family centres. Maternity, child health and family planning clinics, family counselling, and social services for families with children can all be found on a one-stop-shop basis. The operation of family centres is also part of preventive child welfare work.

Kainuu region inhabitants deliver their children cosily in the Kainuu Central Hospital. The own hospital’s expertise in children’s diseases and 24-hour emergency service also provide safe background support for families with children.

In the future, families with children can increasingly take advantage of the electronic services, currently under development. For example, the Omasote eHealth service enables flexible and easy communication with the child health clinic.

Family Centres in Kainuu

Kajaani, Paltamo and Ristijärvi
Kajaani family centre, Koivukoskenkatu 14, 87100 Kajaani
Paltamo family station, Salmelankuja 1, 88300 Paltamo 
Ristijärvi family station, Saukontie 1, 88400 Ristijärvi 

Family centre manager Helena Saari, tel. 044 797 0245, helena.saari(at) 

Kuhmo  and Sotkamo 
Kuhmo family centre, Kainuuntie 89, 88900 Kuhmo 
Sotkamo family centre, Keskuskatu 11, 88600 Sotkamo 

Family centre manager Mirjami Komulainen, tel. 044 797 4438,  mirjami.komulainen(at) 

Hyrynsalmi and Suomussalmi 
Hyrynsalmi family station, Laskutie 1, 89400 Hyrynsalmi 
Suomussalmi family centre, Välskärinkuja 1, 89600 Suomussalmi 

Family centre manager Anneli Louhela, tel. 044 777 3040, anneli.louhela(at)     

Focus from Remedying to Preventive Services

In social and health care services, we increasingly aim at preventing the need for assistance requiring heavy support measures from emerging in the first place. In Kainuu, the services for children, young people and families with children consist of a diverse network of family services. In recent years, we have made more than average-level investments in family work, and we have improved the access to family work and housekeeping assistance. This has reduced the number of families needing support measures of child welfare open care.

Kainuun sote also provides the school and student health care services for young people. In Kainuu, special attention has been paid to mental health work at schools. If necessary, young people can seek help from a school nurse, a psychiatric nurse, or youth psychiatry services.

Social services for families with children have the kind of competence needed for supporting the everyday life of families even when they encounter problems. Kainuun sote arranges emergency social services as its own operations.