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Regional Youth Council

Youth councils in Finland are politically independent youth influence groups, which operate in their own municipalities, supervising the interests of local young people. In most of the Finnish municipalities, there is a youth council or some other influential group of young people.

Kainuu has been a forerunner, as alongside municipal influential groups, there has also been a regional youth council in action since 2008.

The regional youth council “MaNu” has altogether 20 members;

two (2) members from each of the 8 municipalities of Kainuu,
two (2) members from Kainuu Vocational College, and
two (2) members from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

The regional youth council for the season 2016-2017 started its activities on 8th February 2016 at a meeting in Kajaani.

The Regional Youth Council of Kainuu in Facebook

You’ll find the Finnish Facebook page of MaNu at