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Regional Government Bodies in Kainuu

The Assembly of Regional Council

The regional assembly of Kainuu has 35 members, each of them have personal vice members. Both the actual member and the Vice member are elected the same way and are local councillors of the member municipalities. The number of municipal representatives is defined based on the situation at the turn of the year preceding the municipal elections.  The number of municipal representatives in period 2013 – 2016 is as follows:

• Kajaani  15
• Kuhmo 4
• Sotkamo  4
• Suomussalmi  4
• Hyrynsalmi 2
• Paltamo  2
• Puolanka  2
• Ristijärvi  2

The Chairs of the Regional Assembly in 2013-2016:

• Chair Pentti Kettunen (Kajaani)
• 1st Vice-Chair Eero Suutari (Kajaani)
• 2nd Vice-Chair Kati Nykänen (Hyrynsalmi)

The Regional Board

The regional board of Kainuu has 12 members. According to the charter, there are municipal representatives as follows:

• Kajaani has at least 4 representatives
• The other member municipalities each have at least 1 representative

The Chairs of the Regional Board in 2015-2016:

• Chair Timo Korhonen (Sotkamo)
• 1st Vice-Chair Eija Hakkarainen (Kajaani)
• 2nd Vice-Chair Marisanna Jarva (Paltamo)

The Regional Management Committee

The Regional Management Committee of Kainuu (Maakunnan yhteistyöryhmä MYR) is elected by the regional board. The Committee has 16 members and 8 specialist members. The members represent the following groups:

1) The office of Regional Council and its member municipalities,
2) The state officials funding the programme and other government organizations and
3) Other organizations essential to the regional development, such as business and labor market organizations, environmental organizations, organizations representing the civil society or the gender equality (social partners).

The Chair persons of the Regional Management Committee:

• Chair Timo Korhonen (Sotkamo)
• 1st Vice-Chair Asta Tolonen, municipal representative (Suomussalmi)
• 2nd Vice-Chair Kari Pääkkönen, representative of the government officials
• 3rd Vice-Chair Timo Leppänen, representative of the social partners

The Board of Controllers

The board of controllers of Regional Council of Kainuu has 7 members elected by the Regional Assembly. According to the charter the president and the Vice president of the board are elected among the actual members of the Regional Assembly, other members being either members or vice members of the Regional Assembly. The task of the board is to monitor that the objectives set for the operations of the Regional Council by the Assembly of the Council are met.

The Chairs of the Inspection Board:

• Chair Merja-Liisa Seppänen (Suomussalmi)
• Vice-Chair Kari Nikulainen (Kuhmo)