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Regional Council of Kainuu

Regional Councils in Finland

There are at the moment 18 regions in mainland Finland, and the Åland Islands. A regional council is the region's statutory joint municipal authority; every local authority must be a member of a regional council. Each regional council is governed by a regional assembly and a regional board assisted by the council's office run by the director of the council (regional mayor).

The regional councils in Finland have two main functions laid down by law:

1) regional development and
2) regional land use planning.

The councils are the regions' key international actors and they are largely responsible for the EU's Structural Fund programmes and their implementation. Regional councils have the key role in promoting the region's interests. The regional council protects the region's culture and traditions in many ways by networking with the actors in the region and in the same fields to promote the well-being or the region in a broad meaning.

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