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Project "Developing Air Traffic in Northern Finland 2020"

"Developing Air Traffic in Northern Finland 2020" is a joint project of the regional councils of Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu in Finland. The project implementation period is from 1st October 2018 to 31st December 2020, with financial support from ERDF funds. The project is planned from the basis of development needs mapped out in the Northern Finland Traffic and Logistics Strategy, Development Project of East and North Finland Air Traffic and the Lapland accessibility coordination project. Airports of Ivalo, Enontekiö, Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Kemi-Tornio, Kuusamo, Oulu and Kajaani are included in the project.
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Good Connections to the Regions and Regional Accessibility of Services Both Build Success and Welfare 

The project aims at developing international accessibility of Northern FInland  from the business life point of view. Good regional accessibility will enhance the operational preconditions for export companies, contribute to the internationalisation of businesses and boost the growth of regional export and tourism revenues. The  efficiency and fluency of travel chains as well as the price of travelling often affect the choice  of transport mode and/ or the airport used.  Travel chains and feeder services are a crucial part of services needed. Along with regional accessibility,  availability of products and services needs to be addressed, and for this purpose, effective utilisation of digital solutions available is important.  

Dialogue Between Regional Actors and Air Operators is Developed as a Network

Network cooperation is important in the project.  The project aims at keeping up interaction and cooperation in the network formed by different kinds of actors, their interest groups  and other projects and work groups. By tightening and creating connections, it is the aim to increase both the trust between the parties and the commitment to the joint cooperation.

The project is to find out the measures by which the project regions may increase their air traffic capacity and open new connections in cooperation with the airlineas already operating in the regions.  In addition, new operators and solutions for opening new flight connections to Norhern Finland are investigated. Cooperation possibilities between the airport locations participating the project; possibilities for tours, feeder services and travel chains will be explored. New solutions for developing travel and service chains, utilising different modes of transport and digital seivices, are actively sought for.

Long-term Support for Flight Products Needed

The understanding of operational principles and the importance of air traffic in general, as well as the know-how on the topic in the regions must be increased to swiftly react to any changes in air traffic and its operational environment. Flight products must be taken care of in the long term: the amount and destinations of flights, suitability of time tables and the prices are all crucial factors for the business life, inhabitants and the tourists interested in the region as they make their travel choices and choose their routes and services.  The resources of regional development and marketing agencies have to be secured, in order to develop the travel product offering in the long term.

A regional work group has started their activities in each of the  the regional airports' sphere of influence. The regional work groups shall choose the priorities of developing air transport in their area and  the measures targeting  the goals. Additionally, the groups shall define the responsibilities and resources, as well as long term activities in their regions.

Cooperation will be done with Finnish airport operator Finavia  and the development- and investment needs in the regional airports raised, to maintain the presently good service level also in the future. Also the cooperation between regions and Visit Finland will be developed. Visit Finland has been actively opening the doors and helping to attract more tourists and develop air connections to the regions.

Thematic events related to air traffic will be organised during the project, handling the various factors affecting the demand and supply related. Thereby, the understanding and dialogue between the regions and air operators will be enhanced.

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