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Our Personnel

The office of Regional Council of Kainuu is headed by Regional Mayor Pentti Malinen. The staff of the office works in three remits: Land Use, Regional Development and Administration, with the help of several teams crossing the remit boundaries.

Malinen Pentti, Regional Mayor


Halonen Paula, Administrative Director, Head of Unit

Kokkonen Aila, Secretary for Records Management
Korhonen Arja, Web Officer
Kyllönen Kirsi, Customer Services Secretary
Mikkonen Salli, Executive Assistant
Paloniemi Oili, EU Coordinator

*Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority

Land Use

Heikkinen Hannu, Planning Director, Head of Unit

Huotari Jussi, Project Manager
Juntunen Martti, Regional Land Use Planning Specialist
Nikola-Määttä Sanna, Regional Development Specialist
Schroderus Sanna, Regional Planning Specialist

Kurtti Rauno, Project Manager, Developing Air Traffic in Northern Finland 2020
Mäkelä Tommi, Traffic Specialist, Developing Air Traffic in Northern Finland 2020

Regional Development

Ponnikas Jouni, Regional Development Director, Head of Unit
Immonen Heikki, EU Projects Coordinator
Karppinen Heidi, Project Manager, ClimateWise and Environmentally Responsible Kainuu 2040
Karppinen Paula, Regional Development Manager
Kemppainen Seija, Project Manager
Keränen Virpi, Project Worker
Komulainen Minna, Project Manager, ELMO 2
Kyllönen Kirsi, Planner (on leave)
Mustonen Minna, Assistant of International Affairs
Sormunen Henna, Senior Adviser
Sukuvaara Katja, Regional Development Manager
Vilhu Eero, Regional Development Specialist , EU Information Officer