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Other Educational Institutes

Finland’s adult education centres are educational establishments that welcome all prospective learners and offer opportunities for a wide variety of recreational activities and study. Learning is largely self-motivated and, as a rule, not aimed at achieving a formal qualification.

Kainuu College

Kainuu College is a learning institution and adult education centre that is open to all and offers many opportunities, located in Mieslahti, Paltamo. At Kainuu College, you can pursue basic education studies and earn a basic education certificate. The basic education study lines include tenth grade, basic education for immigrants, and basic education preparatory training for immigrants, which is suitable for those with weak reading or writing skills.

The Kainuu College also offers meeting and training services, reception facilities, accommodation, and food services for companies and organizations and provide a venue for summer camps.

Kaukametsä Adult Education Centre and Music Institute

The unique Kaukametsä Cultural and Congress Centre in the centre of Kajaani houses also the  Kaukametsä Adult Education Centre and Music Institute  They offer something for everyone, from toddlers to pensioners – learning new crafts or skills, finding new ways to enjoy culture, unleashing the innate creativity.

The core values of the Kaukametsä Adult Education Centre are "Will, Thought and Feeling", pursued by arranging a wide variety of accessible, customer oriented courses. Fields of operations of the centre are: 1) open adult education, 2) open university, 3) basic art education, 4) upper secondary school subjects, 5) special services and 6) renting out facilities.