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Общеобразовательные школы в Кайнуу 

Comprehensive school network covers all the municipalities of Kainuu region.

Comprehensive school network covers all the municipalities of  Kainuu region. Below you’ll find the e-mail addresses to each of the municipalities.  For more information, please visit the web sites (mostly in Finnish) or send e-mail to the municipality concerned. Your e-mail will be redirected to the person who can answer your questions.

Hyrynsalmi, kunta(at)
Kajaani, kajaani(at)
Kuhmo, kuhmon.kaupunki(at)
Paltamo, paltamon.kunta(at)
Puolanka, kunta(at)
Ristijärvi, yhteispalvelu(at)
Sotkamo, kirjaamo(at)
Suomussalmi, kunta(at)

Multicultural students

In Kainuu, the comprehensive school system for multicultural students is based on the integration into the Finnish culture. Therefore the education and teaching happens in Finnish. There is possibility for pupils with an immigrant background to be provided with teaching of their own mother tongue for two hours a week.

Find out more about the school system and Kajaani multicultural learning in English.