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Below you'll find the documents that have been produced in English, related to the projects and other actions of the Regional Council of Kainuu.

The publication series of the Regional Council of Kainuu is composed as follows:

Series A: The Official Publications
Series B: Reports and Studies
Series C: Administrative Documents
Series D: Handouts

The publication series (in Finnish) is available at the Finnish side of our web pages. On this page you’ll find some other documents, related to the projects and other actions of the Regional Council of Kainuu, that have been produced in English.



Project-related Publications

The strategy of BGLC (Bothnian Green Logistic Corridor 2014)

Strengthening sustainable value creation development at regional level (FRESH 2013)

Guidelines for Participatory Forest Management (Robinwood Plus 2013)

Robinwood Plus Policy Recommendations for the European Commission (2013)

RURALAND Final Publication (Ruraland project 2012)

DART Final Publication (DART project 2012)

Cradle to Cradle Network Policy Recommendations (C2CN 2012)

O4O: Older People for Older People Final Report 

THE SEVEN STEPS OF INTERNATIONALISATION,  The Guide of Internationalisation for women entrepreneurs (2007)

Outside evaluation of FEM project (2007)

Sustainable Transport in the Barents Region: General Summary Report (2005)

EUREGIO KARELIA Neighbourhood Programme projects 2001–2008

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