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2018/10/01 9:52am

Towards a Smarter and Greener Barents Transport System

Barentsin alueneuvoston kokous Syktyvkarissa syyskuussa 2018
The Barents Regional Council held its meeting in Syktyvkar on 27th September 2018. As one result of the meeting, the council gave a joint statement on smarter and greener Barents transport system. A new joint project related is going to be started within a month.

Joint Statement of the Barents Regional Council on 27th September 2018 in Syktyvkar


Towards a Smarter and Greener Barents Transport System


The transport system of the Barents Region has been developed primarily for north-south transport. There are significant possibilities to increase the transport potential using east­ west directions. The future opportunities for tourism and industries to be Iocated and operating in the Barents Region are dependent on how the transport and logistics systems are developed.

The continuation of the Barents Joint Transport Plan is therefore a priority, strengthening east-west transport connections (cargo and passenger traffic) in the Barents region, bearing in mind traditional livelihood.

The implementation of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is important. This in order to increase safety and mobility as well as reducing environmental impact of transportation. Such a system would also allow for better information gathering regarding transportation of goods. The trend towards the reduction of fossil fuels and zero-emission technology is strong. ITS combined with new technology gives us a new mind-set when planning our smarter and greener infrastructure.

The Council endorses the work done and being done by governmental and regional transport authorities on implementation of the Joint Barents Transport Plan. The Council encourage national authorities to further strengthen their commitment.

The Council welcomes initiatives aimed at the development of navigation and intermodal transports in the Barents region bearing in mind future opportunities with regard to increased transport to and from Asia along the Northern Sea Route as well as rail and road.

Syktyvkar, September 27, 2018

Kainuu in Barents Transport Cooperation

Planning director Hannu Heikkinen from the Regional Council of Kainuu is the long-time chair of the Barents Regional Working Group on Transport and Kainuu is an active region in Barents transport cooperation. The latest actions in Kainuu related to this field of coopearation have been preparing a project application for the Kolarctic programme with international partners. The three-year project "Barents Regional Transport and Logistics" has been accepted and shall be started in November 2018. 

You may read more about Barents cooperation at, where also the meeting materials of Barents Regional Council are published.

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