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Municipal Health Clinics and Kainuu Central Hospital

There are municipal health clinics in each of the Kainuu municipalities. If your designated health clinic is closed and you require urgent treatment, please ring the on-call nurse’s around-the-clock number, 08 6156 6000, or visit the emergency clinic at Kainuu Central Hospital. In case of emergencies, please call the national emergency number 112.


Municipal Health Clinics

Below you’ll find the contact details to municipal health clinics in Kainuu with both street addresses and phone numbers for On-call Nurse. Please note that the service is primarily available in Finnish.

Hyrynsalmi Health Clinic

Kiviöntie 11, 89400 Hyrynsalmi
Phone 08 6156 5423

Kajaani, Main Health Clinic

Satamakatu 2, 87100 Kajaani
08 6156 7207

Kuhmo Health Clinic

Kirkkotie 16-20, 88900 Kuhmo
08 6156 5635

Paltamo Health Clinic

Sairaalatie 7, 88300 Paltamo
08 6156 5322

Puolanka Health Clinic (Attendo)
Ouluntie 13, 89200 Puolanka
08 61565 226

Ristijärvi Health Clinic

Saukontie 1, 88400 Ristijärvi
08 6156 5164

Sotkamo Health Clinic

Keskuskatu 9, 88600 Sotkamo
08 6156 5009

Suomussalmi Health Clinic

Välskärinkuja 2, 89600 Suomussalmi
08 6156 6200

Vuolijoki Health Clinic

Papintie 2, 88270 Vuolijoki
08 6156 5529

Kainuu Central Hospital

The Kainuu Central Hospital provides specialized health care services for approx. 80 000 inhabitants of the area.  The functions of the central hospital include outpatient clinics of all the bigger special fields, wards and their support services. The distance to the next emergency hospital is 200 km, which means a two hours drive.

There are 275 sickbeds in the central hospital. and more than 900 professionals of welfare services  working there. There are approximately 50 000 sickbed days  annually within the somatic wards of the central hospital and 30 000 within the psychiatric wards. Altogether 80 000 people visit the  somatic outward clinics annually and 12 000  the psychiatric outward clinic.

The New Hospital Project

The main buildings of the central hospital were built in 1969, extensions in 1993, 2010 and 2013. A political decision has been made to build a new hospital and  the planning is going on.  The planning and construction is delivered as an integrated project alliance.

Contact information

Phone 08 615 61 / switchboard
Open Mon - Thu from 8am to 4pm and Fri from 8am to 3 pm
Visiting address: Sotkamontie 13, 87140 Kajaani
On-call  nurse: 08 6156 6000 (around-the-clock number)

Postal address    P.O. Box 400, 87070 Kainuu
Invoicing address  Ostolaskut, P.O. Box 401, 87070 Kainuu