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  • East and North Finland industrial transition High Impact Action Call 2019

  • We're developing literature tourism also in Kainuu, as a part of Spotlit partnership!

  • The Kainuu Programme in a Nutshell

    The booklet provides a brief overview of the Kainuu regional programme.

  • What's so special about Kainuu?

    Learn some facts about our region.

Kainuu Region

  • The Kainuu region consists of 8 municipalities.
  • Our population is approximately 73 000 inhab.
  • Our land area is 20 197 km.
  • Distance 568 km from Helsinki.
    Distance 181 km from Oulu.

Proceed to the municipalities’ websites via the map.

Kainuu Region in Europe



  • The size of our region is comparable to Belgium
  • The population density is 3,6 inh. per km2
  • Distance from Brussels approximately 2 000 km
  • Distance from Saint Petersburg about 500 km


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