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Kajaani - Our Compact Capital

Kajaani, as the capital of Kainuu region, is a city of creativity, know-how and effortless everyday life. Travellers can enjoy the city's several cultural events, including summer music festivals and the nationally appraised town theatre. The new water fitness centre Kaukavesi offers almost spa-like services. Close distance to the Vuokatti area, with its vast outdoor areas and sports services, is also part of Kajaani's appeal to tourists.

Kajaanin rauniolinna

Kajaani, with ca. 38 000 inhabitants, is the capital of Kainuu. Kajaani offers effortless everyday living with a small town atmosphere, where almost everything is accessible within a reasonable walking distance. You may also find lots of creativity and know-how from Kajaani - there is lots going on in the city. In addition, Kajaani attracts tourists, for example to its many cultural events.

Kajaani Castle is the most famous historical attraction in Kajaani. The first stage of the castle was completed in 1619 and the second stage of construction was started in the early 1660s. As Russians conquered Finland and besieged the castle, it was finally forced to surrender in February 1716. The Russians destroyed the castle by blowing up its gunpowder warehouse. Today, the ruins of Kajaani Castle is protected by Finland’s National Board of Antiquities.

In Kajaani there also is the world's only still functioning tar boat channel. At the tar rowing demonstrations in summertime, hundreds of people gather to watch how the “black gold of Finland” was once delivered from Kainuu to Oulu by rowboats, from where the Kainuu tar was also exported to Central Europe.

In Paltaniemi, about ten kilometres from Kajaani centre, there is the old Evangelical-Lutheran church dating back to 1726. The church is famous for its numerous paintings. The church is open for tourists during the summer months, at other times the church is accessible with a guide. In Paltaniemi you’ll also find the Eino Leino heritage house built in 1978 according to the house of Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884) and birth house of Eino Leino (1878-1926).

Cultural events in Kajaani can be found in the events calendar of Kainuu

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