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2019/06/26 12:03pm

Write the Story of Kainuu – a Survey and a Summer Photograph Competition

The stories are told again, as in the old days on campfires. A good story will bring a new perspective to even the familiar, everyday things around us. The Regional Council of Kainuu is seeking a new story that will inspire the residents of the region and strengthen the region's appeal.

What kind of story do you want to tell about the Kainuu region? What will a person from Kainuu say in an elevator, as there is half a minute to tell about the place he/ she lives in?

The branding team summoned together by the Regional Council of Kainuu has worked together with external experts on the first proposals for the story of Kainuu. Now the great audience will have a chance to comment those online at or  
You may also summarize your own Kainuu story there, if you want. The survey is in Finnish. 

The online survey will be open until the end of August 2019 and a summary of the survey results will be published on the Kainuu Regional Council website in September 2019.

Instagram: A Photograph Competition
"Summer of Kainuu" #kainuu @kainuunliitto

What kind of experiences do you have in the summer of Kainuu? Share your experience and participate in the Instagram competition! We are looking for photos that tell the story of Kainuu. The pictures can tell about topics that, for example:  

  • thrill you #sydänmaa, 
  • have to do with games #villidigi
  • fascinate you #petovoimaa
  • make you wild #villisydän #wildlike
  • you think are truly, originally Kainuu-like #kainutlaatuinen
  • are dear to you #sydänmetsässä
  • take courage #kainuunvaarat
  • are hungry for success #untajanäläkää
  • or what you especially want to show tourists #arcticlakeland


In a nutshell, share your pictures on Instagram during 26.6. – 31.8.2019
with tags #kainuu and @kainuunliitto, and select also the tags mentioned above that best describe your mood of your picture, to take part in the competition.

The Competition Rules in Detail


The competition is open for the period of 26.6.2019–11.8.2019. Only the pictures sent in during the competition period will be considered. 

Publish your picture on Instagram using the hash tag #kainuu and also the ones from the following list,that describe the mood of your picture the best:

#kainutlaatuinen ("ainutlaatuinen" = “unique” with a Kainuu twist, meaning truly Kainuu-like)
#kainuunvaarat (the hills of Kainuu)
#petovoimaa (“beast power” in English,  since we have large predators in our forests)
#sydänmaa ( “heartland" in English)
#sydänmetsässä ("in the heart of the forest")
#untajanäläkää ("sleep and hunger", a phrase referring to the yearn for  success)
#villidigi (“wild digital” in English)
#villisydän (“wild heart” in English)

Also tag our organisation by the account name @kainuunliitto.
In addition, please give a short description of the picture's connection to Kainuu, for example the place or the occasion on the picture.

We’ll share some of the pictures on our Instagram account already during the competition period.

The Kainuu brand team, summoned together by the Regional Council of Kainuu, will act as the jury for this competition. The jury  will choose ten of their favourites to the final round. These pictures will then be published on the Instagram account and also on the website of the Kainuu Regional Council.

The best three pictures will be awarded in September 2019 at the same time that the survey results are published, on both the above mentioned website and Instagram account. The three winning pictures won’t be ranked.

The competition winners will be personally contacted via Instagram.  The prizes can’t be exchanged for cash or for other products. In case the winners don’t contact the organizer by the deadline given, the prize will be returned for redistribution.

Prizes: all the three winners will receive special woollen socks of Kainuu style in the size they want. A pair of the same socks will also be allotted among all the participants. The prizes can’t be exchanged for cash or for other products. In case the winners don’t contact the organiser the winners do not contact the organizer by the deadline given in the personal message, the prize will be returned for redistribution.

You can participate in the competition with more than one picture.

Requirements for the pictures sent: The images participating the competition must be taken by the participant and must not infringe any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, privacy or third party rights, and no other party may claim the image. People who appear in the photos must give their consent for the picture to participate the competition.
The organizer of the competition has the right to reject a picture from the competition, if it is discriminatory or offensive or otherwise contrary to the rules of competition.
The copyrights of the images are retained by the photographer.

The photograph competition is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, but the pictures taking part in the competition are located and maintained on Instagram server and are therefore subject to its terms and conditions of use.
The participant's Instagram account must be public in order for the organiser to detect the picture participating and for the picture to take part in the competition.

These rules apply to all the participants. By participating in this competition, participants undertake to comply with these rules. The organizer of the competition is not responsible for any failures to participate caused by technical reasons. The organizer has the right to publish the names of the winners of the prize in connection with the image on the website. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of conducting the competition and awarding the prize.

The members of Kainuu Brand team are excluded from the competition.