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Kainuu Connection for Students!

Are you a student? Do you want to learn more about career opportunities in Kainuu? Kainuu Connection event will be presenting the possibilities of various fields for students in Helsinki and Oulu again on in 2016, and also arranging a similar event in Kuopio for the first time.
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Come and visit us and see what we can offer each other! The representatives of technology- and game industries, Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, the new hospital in Kainuu, Public employment and business services, the Regional Council and the municipalities will be your guides at the event.

We need especially doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, engineers, teachers, priests and other professionals and experts for both the private and public sectors in Kainuu.  We’ll offer you a region in the middle of Finland, where you can choose to live either in the city on in the countryside. The services you need will be close to you and the traffic connections both to north and south are good.  Ask us about the possibilities to concentrate on your favourite hobby in Kainuu, or perhaps you’ll take on some totally new hobby in here?

Kainuu Connection in 2016

Kainuu participated in the following events during fall 2016 with the theme “Kainuu Connection”, sharing information about the job opportunities Kainuu has to offer. The events featured representatives from Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, Transtech Oy and Bittium Oy, as well as the Kainuu Public Employment and Business Services, Kainuun Etu Oy, Kainuu Regional Council and the city of Kajaani.

28th September 2016, MegaMatchmaking -event in Oulu
13th October 2016, Youth to Work -campaign “Syystärskyt” in Kuopio
7th December 2016 Contact Forum – recruitment fair in Helsinki

Information on the future events will follow!

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