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Invest in Kainuu

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According to an old saying, Kainuu region lives by its forests. This is still true but new livelihoods and fields of business have been developing in Kainuu in the recent years, employing more and more people and forming a bigger part of the local economy.  The goal of the regional strategy is to enforce the competitiveness of the region and create international growth. For this purpose, the Regional council of Kainuu works in co-operation with other organisation within and outside the regional boundaries.

The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY -centre) and the Public employment and business services (TE-services) follow, analyse and foresee the development of different livelihoods, fields of business, businesses and entrepreneurship in Kainuu.

The Regional Council of Kainuu has launched an open and interactive website (in Finnish) for creating a better framework foresight in the region.  Statistics, publications and other kind of information on the regional development may be found on the page as well as articles related to the future of Kainuu written by experts of different fields.

The municipality owned, non-profit regional development company Kainuun Etu Ltd., which operates across the 3-sector structure utilizing approximately 50 sector specialists, also hosts the Invest in Kainuu Team that aims to develop and raise the international profile of the region as a place in which to invest.

If you want to co-operate with Kainuu businesses or establish your own activities in Kainuu, we’re at your service! If you don’t find the information and the contacts you need via these pages, please let us know and we’ll help you forward.

Key Sectors in the Kainuu Region

Kainuu provides first class conditions for the development of bio-economy via considerable renewable natural resources and extensive knowledge in the region.
Kainuu offers significant opportunities in a favourable mining environment.
Kainuu is internationally known as an interesting region for summer and winter holidays with a number of versatile resorts.