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Invest in Kainuu Team

Invest in Kainuu (IIK) – a Local, International Team for Your  Support

Are you interested in starting business activities in Kainuu?  Invest in Kainuu team provides you localised knowledge and connections to help you establishing your business in Kainuu.

Invest in Kainuu is a service aimed to support investors in the process of due diligence and site selection.  The services cover every stage of setting up a business, ranging from initial data collection and opportunity analysis to networking and the actual business launch. We do also help you to find business partners for your company. We want to offer you all the support we can in terms of the process of sanity check, due diligence and localisation. The Invest in Kainuu team is dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of inward investment to the Kainuu region. Our aim is to develop and raise the international profile of this region as a place in which to invest across industries.

Invest in Kainuu is operated by Kainuun Etu Oy and funded by the Regional Council of Kainuu and  private finance.


Key Sectors in Kainuu

Kainuu offers significant opportunities in a favourable mining environment.
Kainuu provides first class conditions for the development of bio-economy via considerable renewable natural resources and extensive knowledge in the region.
Kainuu is internationally known as an interesting region for summer and winter holidays with a number of versatile resorts.