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Indoors Activities for All Seasons

Vuokatin kylpylä


BowlCircus and Holiday Club Katinkulta in Vuokatti

To play bowling in Vuokatti area, visit BowlCircus with 16 lanes or Holiday Club Katinkulta with 6 lanes. In BowlCircus you can switch between bowling, billiard and darts, or book a private evening to enjoy the time with your friends. Fenced lanes make the game more enjoyable for children.

Keilaukko Bowling in Ukkohalla

A 6-lane bowling alley Keilaukko in Ukkohalla is located at the Ukkohalla Bistro next to the ski slopes.

Puisto Bowling, Kajaani

Experience the joy of a brand-new bowling alley in Puisto Bowling, in the middle of Kajaani. Bowling is a family hobby that is suitable for all ages and abilities. In Puisto you can watch sports, play billiard and game consoles.

Spas/ Swimming

Holiday Club Katinkulta Spa, Vuokatti

Katinkulta Spa offers a holiday of relaxation to the whole family all year round. In Spa water park there are more than 20 different pools, bubble baths, hot tubs, massage showers and slides for children. Children have their own heated swimming pool, floats and rugs.

Kaukavesi Water Sports Centre, Kajaani

Water Sports Centre Kaukavesi offers a wide variety of facilities and services include several swimming pools, diving tower, slide, gym, café and meeting room services.

Spa Kiannon Kuohut, Suomussalmi

The Kiannon Kuohut Spa is adjacent to the Hotel and offers complete Spa experience with facilities: Finnish sauna, Turkish steam room and five swimming pools. For the more adventurous, a winter swim is also possible in the river next to the spa. 

Sauna World and Spa, Ukkohalla, Hyrynsalmi

The Sauna World in Ukkohalla is a modern centre for good feeling and relaxation. A spa as well as idyllic pool and selection of sauna baths together with their care facilities bring enjoyment to all the senses. The world of experiences include the traditional Finnish and Karelian sauna baths, the Russian banja, peat sauna, Uralic cave sauna, Jacuzzi and hydro-massage pool and a small children’s pool.

Other Activities

Angry Birds Activity Park, Vuokatti

In SuperPark Vuokatti everybody can have fun. The indoor activity park offers games, toys and adventure theme zones.

Vuokatti Ski tunnel

The world's first indoor ski tunnel was built in Vuokatti in 1997. The aim of the ski tunnel is create perfect conditions for professional athlete’s training on the natural snow in summer time. 

Snowboarding Tunnel, Vuokatti

The 80m long Snowboarding Tunnel and 20 m. wide halfpipe are used by the athletes of Vuokatti Sports Academy for trainings. The height of the Tunnel allows to perform even the most complex jumps. The Snowboarding Tunnel is designed for all the family to have fun, so for younger visitors there is also a possibility for snowtubing in the Tunnel.