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Immigration Services

Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, is the agency that processes and decides on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues, and Finnish nationality. The web pages of Migri with  information also in English can be found at

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The Finnish Refugee Advice Centre

The Finnish Refugee Advice Centre  is a non-governmental organisation providing legal aid and advice to asylum seekers, refugees and other foreigners in Finland. The Refugee Advice Centre has three offices in Finland, the closest to Kainuu located in Oulu.

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Kajaani Immigration Services  

The Kajaani Immigration service functions are based on the open-ended contract between the City of Kajaani and the Kainuu  ELY Centre for receiving fifty refugees each year.  The  reception centre provides services for people that are living in the city area and have received a refugee status. After three years, the customership will end and the clients  will be served within the normal city services.

Kajaani Reception Centre

There is a Reception Centre in Kajaani, functioning on the basis of the contract between Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) and the City of Kajaani. Clients are transferred to Kajaani reception centre to wait for the asylum decision, after an interview at some transit centre elsewhere in Finland. The staff of Kajaani Reception Centre doesn’t have any kind of effect on the asylum process. The decision will be made by Finnish Immigration Service.

Emergency duty number: (08) 6155 2760 (from 8 to 15)
Fax: (08) 6155 2762
E-mail: vastaanottokeskus(at)

Local and National Associations related

The Monika Multicultural Activity Centre in Kajaani (in Finnish)
Red Cross Kajaani (in Finnish)
Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Kainuu (in Finnish)
Rasmus Network against Racism and Xenophobia (national site in English)