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Health Care Services

How to proceed WHEN YOU NEED URGENT TREATMENT in Kainuu (Public Notice)


Kainuu is a forerunner in Finland in terms of integrating primary health care services with specialized medical care as well as social services. Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority provides all social welfare and health care services except children’s day care for seven municipalities, providing also HR, financial and ict-services for member municipalities.

Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority is the biggest employer in the region with about 3 200 employees and a budget of 309 M€ (2013), financed by member municipalities.

How does the System Work?

The everyday services for citizens are provided locally in Kainuu, close to the users. The services needed less frequently are produced subregionally. and the special services that are used quite seldomly are produced regionally. 

Each of our clients have freedom to choose between service units within the Kainuu region. By this policy, we aim at  securing the availability of services and  supporting the smoothness of everyday life in Kainuu.

In each of the municipalities in Kainuu, there are health clinics that are the primary points of contact for patients living in the area. The Kainuu Central Hospital is located in Kajaani, the exact address being Sotkamontie 13,  87140 Kajaani.