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Everyday Activities in Kainuu

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There are various cultural, educational, and other activities to do in your spare time in Kainuu. Here are some tips for both everyday activities and weekend or holiday recreation. Unfortunately, not all the information has been produced in English yet, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Several cinemas operate in the Kainuu area. In general, movies are shown in original language, with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. Children’s movies are usually dubbed.

BioRex is a modern movie theatre located in the centre of Kajaani. Latest movies premiere in Kajaani according to the national schedule. The Kajaani Movie Club also operates in BioRex, offering a wide selection of films not otherwise widely available in cinemas.

Pajakkakino in Kuhmo, Kino Visio in Sotkamo and Kino Retikka in Suomussalmi also offer regular movie showings for both younger and older viewers.


The Kajaani Town Theatre has been recognized as one of the leading theatres in Finland. It has on average five premieres per year on two stages, the large stage located in the main theatre building and the small stage in Sissilinna. The plays are performed in Finnish.

Theatre Retikka in Suomussalmi is a house of performance arts, hosting two theatre societies and several Finnish-language premieres each year. Through the years, the theatre has received several prices and honours.

In Finland, and similarly in Kainuu, amateur summer theatres are highly popular. Almost all of the municipalities in Kainuu have one or more summer theatres performing plays throughout the summer.


Every municipality in Kainuu has its own library. Getting a library card and loaning books, as well as other material, and using the Internet is free of charge for everyone. Libraries often host different kinds of events, such as art exhibitions, reading circles and fairytale readings for children. For the residents of more remote areas, there is a library bus operating regularly. The library catalogue can be used English. The library collections of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) are also available for all visitors.

Libraries in Kajaani

Kajaani City Library – Kainuu Regional Library
Lehtikangas library
Lohtaja library
Otanmäki library
Kainuu hospital library
Library bus Kippe

Other libraries

Hyrynsalmi library
Kuhmo library
Paltamo library
Puolanka library
Ristijärvi library
Sotkamo library
Suomussalmi library


Dancing is a popular hobby in Kainuu, amongst people of all ages. Kajaani Dance school offers a wide range of different dance groups, ranging from Zumba to modern dance and classical ballet. Kajaanin Casamba also offers dance education in Kajaani, as well as MyDance in Kuhmo.

For more traditional Finnish dance visit Naapurinvaara or Jormuan lava for open-air dancing with a live band in the background. Social, open-air dancing is highly popular amongst the older population in Finland, and rising in popularity amongst the young as well. Why not try some waltz or tango in an authentic atmosphere in Kainuu?


In Kainuu, there is a public beach everywhere, it seems. The largest ones are Hiukka in Sotkamo, Jätkänpuisto in Suomussalmi and Paltaniemi and Kesäniemi in Kajaani. Swimming isn’t just a summer hobby in Finland – during the winter season, you can try ice swimming!

There are several spas in Kainuu, as well as regular swimming halls in Kajaani, Kuhmo and Sotkamo.

Sports matches

If you want to do some spectator sports and cheer for a local team, go to a Sotkamon Jymy or Kajaanin KPK Finnish baseball matches, or maybe a Kajaanin Hokki ice hockey match.  

Escape Room

Do you have what it takes to escape a locked room in 60 minutes? Assemble a group of 2-6 friends and try the Kajaani Escape Room, where you can practice your skills of problem solving and teamwork.