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Anniversary of the Republic of Karelia in Kostomuksha on 11th June 2016

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The annual celebrations of the Republic of Karelia will this year take place in Kostomuksha on 11th June with official festivities and a broad selection of cultural programme from morning until late night, from which everyone will find something suitable for their taste. Five different stages in different parts of the city centre are proud to present top artists from Karelia and other parts of Russia; classical music, traditional folk dance and folklore, rock, theatre and exhibitions.

In addition to Russian performers, there are visiting performers from Oulu and Kainuu regions in Finland, Kainuu region also introduces itself at an exhibition stand, shared with the Finland Russia-Society Kajaani department and hosted by the RestoRus student group from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Our tent is located at Geroev Street (numbered places 2-4). We warmly welcome you for a visit!

From the street market there are traditional Karelian souvenirs and lots more to buy.

The place of the festivities is different each year and the selected city is appointed with investments to prepare for the events. In 2015, the festivities took place in Sortavala.

In 2020, the 100th celebration of Republic of Karelia will be held in in the capital of the republic, Petrozavodsk. The organisation responsible for planning the festivities of 2020 is the State Commission, which was established according to a Presidential Order and convenes twice a year.