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2019/04/08 5:01pm

Europe Day 9.5.2019 in Kajaani

Raatihuone Eurooppa-päivänä
Welcome to celebrate Europe Day on 9th May 2019 in Kajaani - we're arranging a variety of activities in cooperation with several organisations!

The Programme

A Panel Discussion on European Elections at BioRex (Kauppakatu 38)

The Panel Discussion on European Parliamentary Elections will take place at BioRex at 12:30–14:00. The main target group of the event are young people around Kainuu. We have reserved the biggest hall at BioRex and are inviting school classes and other groups to join us at the site. We hope for group registrations via e-mail address

We will also stream the event online to enable almost anyone to attend at schools or other locations around Kainuu region and in Finland. You'll find the broadcasting link in YouTube by name ”Nuorten eurovaalipaneeli 2019”. 

At the event, the audience may participate via the interactive, all-web cloud service  We welcome questions for the panelists (MEP candidates, the names will shortly be published) before 6th May via an online form.  Our main cooperation partner related to the European Elections Panel, the Regional Youth Council in Kainuu (MaNu), will use the questions to steer the event.

The event will be hosted by Ms Silja Inkamo and Mr Eetu Koski from the regional outh Council. At the moment, we expect candidates from 6 parties to the panel (names according to the picture below):

The Left Alliance,  Mr Janne Parkkila, 33 years, from Kuopio
The Social Democratic Party, Ms Tiina Heikkinen, 35 years, from Kajaani
The Citizens' Party, Mr Sami Kilpeläinen, 40 years, from Sotkamo
The Finns Party, Ms Minna Partanen, 25 years, from Kajaani
The Centre Party, Mr Teuvo Hatva, 50 years, from Kajaani
The Green Party, Ms Silja Keränen, 35 years, from Kajaani

Nuorten eurovaalipaneelin 9.5.2019 osallistujat

Market Place Event at Raatihuoneentori

The main event of Europe Day in Kajaani is the open market place event at Raatihuoneentori at 13:00-18:00. The open air event is organised in cooperation between various organisations, that all have their own small tents/ exhibition stalls at the market place. 

The international youth from Nuppa centre will be serving coffee and handing out balloons, and are happy to discuss the possibilities offered by international youth exchange.  Also the youth in Kajaani may head to destinations around Europe or even further away, for example to volunteer.  There are suitable activities for everyone available and volunteering is an excellent opportunity to improve your know-how and language skills while growing independent in new adventures! Kajaani youth services may act as the sending organisation and youth workers both in Kajaani and in the receiving organisation are there to support the volunteers. Volunteering is a safe option to try your own wings and skills.  The Italian volunteers that are at the moment in Kajaani participate in many kinds of youth work, for example the Walkers café, youth work in schools and different kinds of events. More information:

There is more to democracy than direct politics. LaunchPad Finland association will arrange a tweetstorm on topic ”Democracy and I” at 12:00-16:00. A separate training for the 20 fastest enrollers is arranged beforehand. Participation to the training might be limited, but the public event is open for the whole world - come and join us!

LAG Oulujärvi Leader will offer a vision workshop on theme ”Your Countryside in 2020” at 13:00-16:00 at the former premises of Lindex along the Raatihuoneentori square. Choose the picture that represents your hopes and dreams of future countryside the best! The first 100 participants will receive a small spring gift and a surprise bucket will also be given away on sharp hours at 14, 15 ja 16 to some lucky participants.

The giant blue blocks of Mobile Build & Play Academy invite you to a creative play! The Mobile Build & Play Academy is an innovative, safe, foldaway/ easily transportable playground, consisting of blocks of different sizes. You may use your imagination and create your own playground with your friends.

Also Etnika Kainuu association, Monika – Multicultural activity centre, Kainuu Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre), European Employment Services (EURES Kainuu) and Europe Direct Kainuu have their own sections at the event .

Joint Kitchen at Nuppa Centre (Asemakatu 2)

Nuppa celebrated Europe day in the kitchen! The Joint Kitchen with European spirit is open at 15-19. Everyone is welcome to participate – either by cooking, decorating, setting the tables, socialising or eating!  Meal is served starting from 17:00.

Organisers: Ohjaamo Nuppa and Kajaani Parish.

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