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Cultural Programme from Kainuu Region

On this page we display the cultural programme from Kainuu region that could be experienced at the Winter Wonders 18 Finland #kainuu -event.

A Virtual Visit to National Parks in Kainuu and Koillismaa in Northern Finland

Land of National Parks project provides information about national parks in Kainuu and Koillismaa and presents different kinds of possibilities to experience each national park’s unique nature, year-round, for beginners and advanced outdoor travellers. The aim at Winter Wonders was to give possibilities to slow down or go wild in the Land of National Parks. Land of National Parks #landofnationalparks offered a variety of stunning views and cool experiences at Winter Wonders 18 Finland #kainuu event, where everyone can visit the Land of National Parks – virtually!

You may start to plan your dream holiday in the Land of National Park already by visiting website and choosing the national parks you want to visit. Just click the national park logos and pick the activity symbols that interest you in each of the parks. By clicking “play” in the middle of screen you’ll be able to enjoy the views!

Joy of Dance by Äijät 

Äijät (Dudes) is a modern dance group from Kainuu, formed by local men and performing since 2008. The group consists of men between 40 to 70 years old. Originally they started to dance for their own amusement and to keep up in shape, none of them having  earlier dancing experience. Since The Dudes won over their audience, they've been performing at a speed of even 50 gigs per year, for local but also national and international audiences! What is so special about Äijät is the things quite ordinary Finnish men are capable of when throwing their selves into it!  The most important thing is not that every Dude does all the movements at the same time. The most important thing is to have fun and make the audience feel amused!  Choreographs of the Äijät group are created by headmaster Minna Palokangas at Kajaani Dance theatre, the umbrella that the group is functioning under. More information and videos available at

Finnish Tango

For years now, FINtango has been bringing the joyful culture of Finnish Tango to the European mainland. Musical performances of the highest level combined with easy dance courses for beginners, maybe a sauna and some Finnish food - the easy-going flair of the Tanssilava, the rural dance pavilions, resonates in the FINtango festivals. Fun and participation at its core, the easily accessible dance brings together people of all age groups and walks of life.

At Winter Wonders 18 Finland #kainuu, FINtango brought Tangon Taikaa, the most famous Finnish tango band in Germany, to Brussels for the first time. Dance courses with Finnish dance couple Leena & Mika and DJing by RadioHelsinki DJ Vilunki completed a weekend of melancholic happiness. 

More information available at

Finnish Film Week

Kainuu has developed its position as an attractive location for both domestic and foreign film productions and TV shows. One of the most significant movies is the new adaptation of a classic novel, war film “Unknown Soldier”. The film is among the most successful films of all times in Finland, and has been sold to international distribution. Superhero film Rendel, seen in over 60 countries, is one of the most internationally distributed Finnish films. During the film week in Brussels, these were screened, but also the episode of TV series Magic of Lapland, shot in Kainuu, had its premiere.

Chamber Music Closed the Event

In July, the tiny town of Kuhmo with 9000 inhabitants in Kainuu, is a host to a chamber music festival attracting thousands of music lovers. The festival echoes to the sound of music against a backcloth of a lake that almost laps the walls of the concert halls in the clear, unbelievable northern light. As the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2019, we arranged a chamber
music concert in Brussels at the Winter Wonders event on January 6th. Visit for additional information.

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