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Cultural Activities in Kainuu

On this page, we introduce the cultural activities and services available in Kainuu. Unfortunately, not all the information has been produced in English yet. We'll also add information according to suggestions, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Eric Ericssonin Kamarikuoro Lentua-salissa, Stefan Bremer

Museums and Exhibitions in Kainuu

Juminkeko Culture Center

The Juminkeko Culture Center offers visitors a variety of exhibitions, programs and events, which deal with the Kalevala and Karelian culture. Visitors can also purchase books and souvenirs based on the Kalevala and Karelian culture.

Kajaani Art Museum

Kajaani Art Museum was opened to the public in April 1993. The museum's exhibition rooms are located in the former police house designed by architect Eino Pitkänen. Completed in 1936, the building is an example of pure functionalist style. The fenced yard outside its northern wing leads to the old Town Hall which dates back to 1831.

Kainuu Museum in Kajaani

Kainuu Museum introduces local means of livelihood like hunting, fishing and tar trade. A collection related to the history of the Kajaani castle. Contemporary exhibitions.

Winter War Museum, Kuhmo

In the Winter War museum the Finnish-Soviet Winter War period (30 November 1939 - 13 March 1940) in Kuhmo is presented. The exhibition portrays the everyday lives of the Finnish and Soviet soldiers. The civilian problems are also strongly presented.

Winter War Exhibition Raatteen Portti, Suomussalmi

At the Winter War exhibition, with over 300 square metres space and modern technology, visitors can explore more the actions that took place at Suomussalmi during the 105 days of Winter War.

Summer Exhibitions

Kaunislehto House Museum, Hyrynsalmi

Kaunislehto House Museum is an old farmhouse typical of the Kainuu region. Special focus on tar-burning and iron making, work demonstrations.

Mustarinda Association

A non-for-profit Mustarinda Association hosts the Mustarinda House in Paljakka, Puolanka with facilities for artists/researchers-in-residence as well as art exhibitions and different types of events.

Paltamo Museum of Local History

In Paltamo Museum you may see rural objects from the early 20th century and get acquainted with local history in a former granary.

Riihipiha Museum

The collection in Riihipiha Museum in Vuolijoki shows what life was like for earlier generations in the Kainuu region and the development of agriculture and the tools in housekeeping. There is also a village shop, bank museum and office, telling of agriculture advisory work and sections that describe the activities of the Lotta Svärd and civil Guard organisations.

Sotkamo Museum

Sotkamo Museum introduces local history in an old government granary.

Suomussalmi House Museum

The Suomussalmi House Museum is located in Kirkkoniemi, Suomussalmi church village. The museum gives an idea of how people lived in the 18th and 19th century in Suomussalmi.

Tervajärvi Museum in Sotkamo

The Tervajärvi house with outbuildings shows the farmstead in the condition it was in the late 1940´s.

Tuupala Museum in Kuhmo

The house of Tuupala in Kuhmo has been the residence of the police chief, a general store, a chemist´s hop, an inn and a post office. In the farmyard surroundings there are e.g. a tar boat and a garden.

Vanha Asema in Hyrynsalmi

Vanha Asema (the old railway station) in Hyrynsalmi is a protected and a historically valuable entity worth visiting.

Cultural Events

We have some excellent spaces for needs of cultural events in Kainuu, such as Kaukametsä Cultural and Congress Centre in Kajaani and the Arts Centre in Kuhmo, and many annual culture events of high quality. Below you’ll find listed the events  and cultural programme.

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival is Finland’s biggest chamber music festival, and a festival rated one of the best in the world by the international press.

Sommelo Festival is a music festival held in Kainuu and Vienna Karelia during end of June beginning of July.

Kajaani Poetry Week is celebrated annually at the beginning of July at the time of the birthday of writer Eino Leino.  

Kajaani Dance Festival, taking place each year in February at Kaukametsä Cultural and Congress Centre, is a special event and a meeting point for dancers, choreographers and the public.


The regional newspaper Kainuun Sanomat updates information on events (in Finnish).