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Co-Operation with Russia

Kostamustien opasteita

The relations between Kainuu and Russia

The history of cooperation between Kainuu and Russia is long. The most important time for development of the connections was the building of Kostomuksha during years 1974 – 1983. After that, the close cooperation has continued in different forms. The new cooperation memorandum between the Regional Council of Kainuu and the City of Kostomuksha was signed on 17th May 2018 in Kostomuksha.

The region of Kainuu, together with the Finnish regions of Northern Ostrobothnia and Northern Karelia, has participated cross-border cooperation with the Republic of Karelia since year 1996 via a series of EU programmes.

On February 24th 2000, a cooperation area and a political forum of Euregio Karelia formed by the regions of Kainuu, North Karelia and Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland and the Republic of Karelia in Russia was founded. The basis of the foundation was common aim of the partner areas to improve living conditions of inhabitants through cross-border cooperation. The objective of Euregio Karelia is to operate as a cooperation forum of the participants, deepen member areas programme and project based cross-border cooperation, as well as to bring strategic and political guidance into the cooperation. The regional lobbying is an important task of the Euregio Karelia.

The regions of Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia have cooperated with the region of Archangelsk based on a contract.  

The Kainuu region’s cooperation with Russia is coordinated by the document ”Russia Strategy of Kainuu for 2020”, which was accepted by the regional board in January 2014. The strategy aims to implement the objectives of the regional program by activating and diversifying the development in the region. Implementation of the Russia strategy will create new markets, businesses and jobs and strengthen the competitiveness of the region.

The person responsible for Cooperation with Russia within the Regional Council of Kainuu is Mr Paavo Keränen, regional development manager.