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Благоприятные Возможности Для Работы

Below you'll find some useful links for jobseekers in Kainuu.

Public employment and business services (TE-services) in Kainuu

The public employment and business services in Finland have national online services and helpline numbers in case you need help in using the online services or any information about the TE services.

You’ll also find lots of useful information concerning Finland and Kainuu at the site of EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal - European Commission. Also all the vacancies that any employer in Kainuu wants to be found Europe-wide may be found there.

If you need to visit the local TE-services, this will be by prior agreement. An appointment will be made for your visit, as you contact our telephone switchboard 029 503 9000 or send e-mail to kirjaamo.kainuu(at)

The main office of TE-services in Kainuu is located at address: Lönnrotinkatu 2 C (2nd floor), 87100 Kajaani. The working hours are  between 9 am and 4pm.

Vacancies in Kainuu

The biggest employer in Kainuu is the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority. There are open vacancies for doctors and nurses as well as psychologists and social workers.  Recruiting services of the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority (in Finnish)

TE-services  provide information for jobseekers and Employees.  Job advertisements are mostly in Finnish.

Kuntarekry is a nationwide job search and recruitment service for local authorities and municipalities in Finland. Local authorities provide services in both Finnish and Swedish the official languages of Finland.  For that reason, also the job advertisements, the job application tool and all the information in are in both Finnish and Swedish but not English.

Valtiolle service provides information on working for the Finnish government. The Government employs some 80,000 people in over 300 agencies around Finland.

Private recruiting services:

Kairest Ltd is an experienced enterprise for renting labour to hotels and restaurants. The office in Kajaani may be found at the address Nuaskatu 8D.

Opteam services include temporary staffing, recruitment, personnel development, outplacement and vocational rehabilitation. Opteam Kajaani office is located at Kirkkokatu 22.

Sihti specialises in the business sectors of IT, construction, finance, industry and mining. The Kajaani Office is located at Välikatu 3.