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2019/11/11 9:23am

Workshops to Create Products for Literary Tourism in Kainuu

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Are you an entrepreneur, culture lover, representative of a municipal organisation or of an association? Join the Spot-lit workshops to create new products for cultural tourism in Kainuu! We especially welcome organisations offering cultural or tourism services. Later on the participants will be able to apply for innovation vouchers up to 10 000€ to continue their work.

Literature, Fame and Tourism

Have you ever noticed, that we have a really strong literary heritage in Kainuu? We have, among others, Eino Leino, Isa Asp, Ilmari Kianto and Veikko Huovinen who are well known at least at a national level, not to forget the fact that Elias Lönnrot compiled our national epic Kalevala in Kainuu!  Kainuu has also given birth to a variety of productive contemporary authors.  But, what is literary tourism? Is it possible to harness literature for the benefit of tourism companies in Kainuu?  How could a small tourism enterprise get income from literature tourism?

Idea Workshops to Launch Product Development

During the upcoming weeks, we are organising four workshops with similar content around Kainuu region, only emphasizing the local features of culture and tourism at each of the host  municipalities and the surrounding areas.  These workshops will launch a development process continuing with two more advanced workshops during winter 2019-2020.  The latter workshops are carried out by a company Aurana Oy, with Soila Palviainen, who is one of the four experts offering product development assistance for cultural tourism at the Visit Finland Academy.

During this first phase, the goal is to spread the knowledge about the topic, raise new thoughts and discussions among different kinds of organisations on the various aspects of literature as an asset for tourism and on how to develop their own products/ services. 

What Comes After the Workshops?

The workshops are free of charge and you may participate the whole process or just one of the workshops. Yet, it'll be worth putting in effort and participating in the product development process in full, since there will be a call of applications for innovation vouchers up to 10 000 €  for the participants at the next stage of the development process. You may apply for the innovation vouchers as a single organisation or as an alliance working together.

Now is the prefect time to join us and discuss the possibilities of literature tourism in Kainuu, reflecting the possibilities occurring for your own company! 

Not From Kainuu But Interested?

You are warmly welcome to participate in the idea workshops even if you're not from Kainuu region - together we'll be more! Unfortunately, we'll not be able to direct the innovation vouchers or other direct funding outside the cooperation area we have defined in the project application. However, if you're interested to continue product development with us, you may apply for addidional funding from other suitable sources. 

The Workshop Programme

Coffee service from 9:30 on, the workshops will run during 10:00-14:00,  with a light lunch in between.

Literature Tourism Development in Kainuu

Helena Aaltonen, Regional Council of Kainuu

Product Development for Cultural Tourism

Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
In Kajaani, also Susanna Markkola from Business Finland – Visit Finland will be speaking

Culture Tourism from the Town/ Municipality Point of View

The representatives nominated by the town/ municipality

The Inspiration of Kalevala and the Authors in Kainuu for Developing Tourism

Juminkeko foundation and other organisations

The Tools Provided by Information Technology for Marketing Literature Tourism

Filip Sever, Kajaanin University of Applied Sciences

Tuning into Product Development in Workshop: Ideas for Developing literature Tourism

Minna Komulainen, Regional Council of Kainuu

Dates and Times of the Events

Monday 25th November at 10–14 Kajaani, Scandic Kajanus.
Also Susanna Markkola, Culture Finland Program Manager at Visit Finland/ Business Finland Oy will be participating.

Tuesday 26th November at 10–14 Kuhmo, Kuhmo-talo, Pajakka hall

Wednesday 27th November at 10-14 Suomussalmi, Hotel Kiannon Kuohut

Wednesday 4th December at 10-14 Sotkamo, Sokos Hotel Vuokatti.
Also Soila and Simo Palviainen from Aurana Oy will be participating.

After the last workshop, interested parties are given guidelines on how to proceed to the following product development workshops.

Join Us!

The Spot-lit project is developing literature tourism in Kainuu, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Feel free to join us for the events mentioned above but also for the further product development and marketing in workshops to be arranged later this winter. Offer your products and services for our new digital App that is goint to introduce the literature tourism related products and services around Kainuu. 
By participating in these workshops you will be eligible to apply for an innovation voucher up to  €10,000 to continue this work. Some organisations in Kainuu will also have the opportunity to get to know the similar product development processes in the international partner regions.

Registration Link

Register for the free workshops at You may choose the workshops according to your interest or participate several  – we welcome the change of ideas between people and organisations around the whole Kainuu region!

Learn More on the Official Project Channels

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