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2018/05/17 1:58pm

Winter Wonders 2018 Plans are Progressing

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We have earlier published the participation of Kainuu region in Winter Wonders 2018 event in Brussels. During the spring a lot has happened. A marketing planner has started, Kainuu delegation has visited Brussels and had some really fruitful negotiations. Next week an informational event for tourism actors will be arranged and also the visit of a delegation from Brussels will take place in May.

What is Winter Wonders About?

Winter Wonders Christmas Market in Brussels is one of the biggest Christmas market events in Europe, annually inviting a celebrated country to participate. This year the celebrated guest is Finland. In February we published the great news: Kainuu will be in the frontline representing Finland at the event! The city of Brussels, Visit Finland and the Regional Council of Kainuu in Northern Finland agreed of the concept to be realised. 

- The event is a unique opportunity to make the international tourism destinations/ products and and the know-how related to the top industries of the region known. The event will accelerate the internationalization and cooperation of the Kainuu tour operators. Our objective is also to start permanent co-operation in international tourism marketing between Kainuu and Visit Finland, explained Pentti Malinen, Regional Mayor of Kainuu, the motives of the region to commit to the Brussels Christmas event in February.

Tuija Pirttijoki Started as the Marketing Planner

The recruiting process for hiring a part time marketing planner was realised in February and applications of good quality were received. Ms. Tuija Pirttijoki was selected for the position due to her long experience in field of marketing and her french skills. Tuija has started in her new position on 9th April 2018. 

Tuija's main task is to prepare the participation of Kainuu region in the Winter Wonders event, coordinating the multi-channel marketing communications, participating the content production and, as necessary, participating also the event implementation. She works in close cooperation with the communications and marketing team of the Regional Councl, as well as with the domestic and foreign cooperation partners. 

Tourism Actors Invited to Participate the Planning

The representatives of travel areas/ destinations in Kainuu as well as organisations carrying out tourism projects have been invited to an informational / discussion event related to Winter Wonders 2018 on Tuesday the 22nd  May 2018 at 09:00 – 12:00. Any interested parties should contact either:

Salli Mikkonen ( or 044 7100 872) at the Regional Council of Kainuu or
Visit FInland regional contact person, Tuomo Tahvanainen ( or 044 551 4585).

A Delegation from Brussels is Visiting Kainuu

The main cooperation partner of Kainuu in Belgium related to Winter Wonders event is Brussels Major Events or the BME. The delegation of BME; Olivier Mees, Delphine Romanus and Jacques De Blieck are visiting Kainuu during 28th -30th May 2018.  The purpose of this visit is to get to know the Kainuu region, meet the regional actors and to continue the negotiations. 

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