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2018/10/04 12:55pm

Two Products Continue the Race to Winter Wonders

Race to Winter Wondersin yhteistyötahoja
Race to WInter Wonders product competition, looking for products suitable for international markets and especially the Winter Wonders Christmas market event in Brussels, is proceeding. The two finalists have been chosen and the winner will be chosen on 15th October.

Race to Winder Wonders product idea competition in Kainuu was open between 1st July – 30th September 2018. The goal of the competition was to encourage entrepreneurs and help to launch products for international markets. Audience could send their ideas of a consumer product for Winter Wonders 18 Finland #Kainuu Christmas market event, which will take place during 30th November 2018 – 6th January 2019. 

Five product ideas representing different product lines were received, two of them were chosen for the final round. The first one is a decorative pillow cover with the new Suomussalmi graphic design, suggested by Lea Helttunen. The design goes a long way back in the history of Suomussalmi municipality and was renewed in 2016. At the moment, the product is for sale at Kaihlalahti Clothing web shop. The second product represents the local foodstuff sector; a gluten free/ vegan PureProtein snack bar containing forest berries from Kainuu and produced without food additives. The product was developed by personal Trainer Maija Autio and is sold at her web shop carrying the same name as the product itself. 

The winner will be chosen on Monday the 15th October 2018. The products are evaluated by a work group consisting representatives from the Regional Council of Kainuu, the Federation of Kainuu Enterprises, Kainuu Vocational College "YritysAmis", regional development company Kainuun Etu Ltd.  and Kalevala Spirit Ltd.

The winner will get flights and accommodation for 1-2 persons to participate the Winter Wonders event in Brussels for a few days, the dates to be negotiated with the winner separately. The product will also be advertised and distributed online in cooperation via the arranging parties of the competition. At the actual Christmas market event, the participants will have the possibility for test marketing, networking and enjoying the athmosphere of the gigantic event.

The young entreprenuer Sara Vaskivuo from a local company in Kainuu, Rockers Workshop, has sparred the participants of the Race to Winter Wonders competition. The company has recently achieved a lot of national and also international attention. Mr Jorma Uotinen, a dancer and choreographer known to the great public in Finland, is the patron of "Race to Winter Wonders" -event. 

Winter Wonders Christmas Market is one of the biggest Christmas market events in Europe, annually attracting a breath taking amount of 2,5 million visitors! A celebrated country is invited to participate each year. This year the celebrated guest is Finland. The city of Brussels, Visit Finland and the Regional Council of Kainuu in Northern Finland have agreed of the concept to be realised.  

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CEO Anu Tervonen, Federation of Kainuu Enterprises, 044 728 7100
Head of Communications  Eeva Mäntymäki, Regional Council of Kainuu, 044 797 4004

PureProtein -patukat kainuulaisista raaka-aineista


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