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2018/10/25 2:57pm

Two Entrepreneurs Chosen for a Study Trip in Brussels

Kuvassa Lea Helttunen ja Maija Autio
The "Race to Winter Wonders" product competition, arranged by the Regional Council of Kainuu and its cooperation partners in the Kainuu region, resulted in a shared victory. The winners will now head for a study trip to Winter Wonders Christmas market.

The product idea competiotion was open open during 1st July – 30th September 2018.  Altogether five interesting products and product ideas were received, from which two were chosen to the final stage. 

The regional jury formed by the organising party/ cooperation partners explored the products. Also the patron of "Race to Winter Wonders" competition, Mr Jorma Uotinen, gave his valuable comments. 

The decision was to share the prize between Lea Helttunen from Suomussalmi for her decorative pillow cover with traditional Suomussalmi print, and Maija Autio from Kajaani for her PureProtein snack bar. Both of the winners shall be going on an award trip to Brussels, but the products won't be sold at the Christmas market.

According to the jury, the decorative pillow cover by Lea Helttunen displays the traditional Suomussalmi pattern, modified to a modern form, in a tasteful way. The product is well suited for example for a souvenir.  The gluten free, vegan protein bar without additives by Maija Autio utilises berries from Kainuu, has a high protein content and also the product name suits the contents well.

Winter Wonders Christmas Market is one of the biggest Christmas market events in Europe, annually attracting a breath taking amount of 2,5 million visitors. A celebrated country is invited to participate each year. This year the celebrated guest is Finland. The city of Brussels, Visit Finland and the Regional Council of Kainuu in Northern Finland have agreed of the concept to be realised.

Additional Information:

Ms Eeva Mäntymäki, Regional Council of Kainuu,, +358 44 797 4004
Ms Anu Tervonen, Regional Association of Entrepreneurs in Kainuu,, +358 44 728 7100