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2018/05/21 3:26pm

Esko Aho to visit Kajaani on May 28th 2018

Valokuitu, optical fiber
Politician and business influencer Esko Aho will visit Kajaani on May 28, 2018, invited by the Regional Council of Kainuu. The visit is related to the Northern telecommunications cable project and to cooperation between Russia and Finland. As a part of the programme, an open public lecture is organized.

On 23rd January 2018 we have informed  that the Regional Council of Kainuu will participate the Actic Connect project, exploring the possibilities to construct a digital bridge between Europe and Asia via the Northeast Passage. The region is seeking new business opportunities and jobs relating to the international data connection that would pass through the area.

It is our pleasure to publish that Esko Aho will arrive to Kajaani on 28th May , invited by the Regional Council of Kainuu.  He is going to discuss the Northeastern  data cable project and the possibilities of Finland to act as a link between Europe and Asia. At the same time, the possibilities of Kainuu region to link Russia to the project, for example via Kostomuksha, will be raised into discussion, and  the possibilities of Finnish-Russian cooperation discussed  also in a broader meaning.  

Esko Aho is the Chairman of the Board at Cinia, that provides consultation services for the Artic Connect project. He plays an important role in building political and economical relations between Finland and Russia and has an exceptional background and professional experience. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for us in Kainuu to hear his opinions and discuss the topics that are important for us in the region.

In addition to politics and other state level actions, Esko Aho has operated in several executive and expert positions in business life and universities in Finland and abroad and having several positions in organisational boards. At the monment, he is the Executive Chairman of the Board, at Eastoffice of Finnish Industries,  Member of the Board at the Russian Sberbank and anElected Member of the Executive Board, International Chamber of Commerce  (ICC). Esko Aho has also acted as an advisor to many international companies, and had a number of presidencies in international and national evaluations and expert groups.

The Programme of Esko Aho´s visit

Negotiations, Cinia Oy/ Arctic Connect project.

Lunch with the regional board of Kainuu.

Negotiations related to Finnish-Russian cooperation.

An open lecture by Esko Aho at the Kajaani city hall (Pohjolankatu 13).
The topic deals with the development of Russian Economy, the Northern data cable and possibilities for Finnish-Russian cooperation.

Press event at the Kajaani city hall.

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